Monday, January 13, 2014

Bomb by Steve Sheinkin- Alyson's Review

I was psyched that this was a Newbery Honor book--I love history, especially WWII--but I had no idea I'd find it as fascinating as I did.  Steve Sheinkin brings faces and personalities to all different kinds of people here, from the Norwegian resistance fighters who destroyed Germany's chances of winning the race to the scientists--old, middle-aged, and freakishly young--who won it for America (as well as those who then gave away the victory to the waiting KGB). Much of the story was new to me, and I was spellbound.  

What I loved most about Bomb is how it marries being accessible with being intelligent and informative.  It's hard to see this as a book specifically for young people--it works just as well for adults, I think--and it manages to be incredibly well-researched without actually feeling scholarly (in the dry, academic sense, that is.).  It's an introduction to the topic, it's true, but it's all the introduction most people will ever need.  And in case you were wondering, it's just as gripping for those of us whose worst subjects were Chemistry and Physics!

Bottom line--I loved it.  Sheinkin weaves together all kinds of different threads to tell a remarkable story, and it requires concentration, but it's more than worth it.  Do not miss this one.

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