Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bookish Gift Idea Round Up-- Picture Book Edition

I didn't forget picture books, I promise.

This is our newest Christmas picture book acquisition (received for review).  The kids seem to like it-- the girls more than Mister probably.  MeiMei really loves it.  Fabulous illustrations, naturally.

New from the library this year we have Elmer's Christmas, as in Elmer the Elephant.  This one's kind of fun-- Papa Red (the elephant Santa) has a sleigh pulled by moose, which is awesome.

Splat the Cat and the Snowy Day Surprise (received for review).  Technically wintery, not Christmasy, but it has flaps to lift and the kids think it's pretty darn funny.

The Littlest Elf is a Little Golden Book that I had as a kid.  My brother-in-law found a whole bunch of Little Goldens and sent several home with my husband when he went to visit family last month.  This one I was super excited to see because we had it when I was a kid and it's just cute.

Sleep, Black Bear, Sleep.  Again, wintery more than Christmasy, but this remains a huge favorite for MeiMei.

Other random picture books that would make awesome gifts:
Take Away the A.  Oh my gosh this book is hilarious.  Little bit of an older audience... MeiMei almost knows why it's funny, but the kids who can read find it much funnier than she does.

Uni the Unicorn (or really ANYTHING by Amy Krouse Rosenthal). Uni believes in little girls, no matter what anyone else says. :)

Scaredy Squirrel.  (Series)  There actually is a Christmas one, but my kids loved them all.  These are better for ones who can read it themselves.

Fancy Nancy (series).  Always favorites really.

For more Christmasy picture books, take a look at the ridiculously long list in last year's Christmas round up.

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