Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hanukkah oh Hanukkah

Quick shout-out to Kar-Ben publishing, who has sent us a couple of great picture books.

The Whispering Town-- a great story about people hiding and helping Jews during WWII.  Kids loved it and it's a good introduction to talking about the Holocaust.

Ziggy's Big Idea-- my kids love bagels, so they loved this cute book about the creation of the bagel.  Bonus: it includes a recipe!

They have other titles that look fun too, like Latke the Lucky Dog; Alef is for Abba; New Month, New Moon; and Stork's Landing.

Check them out if you're buying Hanukkah gifts!

Another Hanukkah selection that recently came to my attention is THIS ONE....

Now, I'm not Jewish, so I don't get all of the jokes, but you gotta admit some of these are funny.

From the looks of the preview, some are a bit more risque, but it was too quirky not to throw out there. ;)

Finally-- I just want to share one of my favorite Hanukkah songs.  Now, there's not actual video on this, but it's worth a listen.

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