Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Harpo Speaks... About New York by Harpo Marx

3 stars

It feels pretty generous calling this a book, when really it's just a portion of the full memoir, but I did enjoy it. Sadly it's the closest my library has to the full Harpo Speaks.  (Possibly the actual book is what I'll get with the gift card I got for Christmas.)

I LOVE the Marx Brothers and this was an interesting snippet of what their life (specifically Harpo, of course) was like as children.  What a crazy household! lol

The introduction by E.L. Doctorow was interesting, but while I could see what he meant about Harpo being the Marx Brother all the kids related to growing up, that wasn't at all MY experience.  Harpo was always hilarious, but with my love of words it was always Groucho who reigned supreme.

That said, Groucho was ALWAYS talking, so he doesn't seem like as much of a mystery as Harpo does, making a memoir from Harpo's perspective all the more fascinating.

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