Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Austin, Lost in America by Jef Czekaj

picture book
received for review
4 stars

A cute journey through all 50 states with a little fact about each.

Austin is a Boston terrier looking to find a family.  So he travels the country on this quest.

This is a cute book with fun illustrations.  A LOT of words per page, so not a great read-aloud choice for the preschool crowd, but LuLu thought the pictures were funny.

Mister seemed to find in interesting, so I'd say it's possibly better for the 1st-3rd grade crowd... in fact, I think it might work better in a classroom setting.

Personally, I was a little annoyed to see the disparity (some states take up a page or two and have many facts, some are a quarter of a page with one fact) and there is a certain element of "THAT's the fact you picked about that state? Really??" for a few of them.

But overall it's a fun book that tells about all the states in a cute way.  The illustrations are funny and the bite-sized facts are perfect for kids.

MeiMei FINALLY gets to start school today!!  Wish us luck! ;)

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