Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Monday with MeiMei-- Backyard Witch

Sadie's Story
by Christine Heppermann and Ron Koertge

copy received for review

What?  It's not Monday, you say?


Close enough this week. ;)

(I tell you, this week between the big kids starting school and kindergarten starting is KILLING US.)

So-- Backyard Witch

Pros: Cute introduction to birdwatching, silly witch, animals, MeiMei liked it.

Cons: fart jokes, lying to parents, whining/self-pity, pointless subplot, Mommy didn't care for it.

Sadly, the cute birdwatching and silly witch story was derailed by the pointless subplot-- which included the fart joke (I HATE fart jokes.  I thought they were stupid when I was a kid... they are no funnier as an adult), most of the lying to parents, a goodly portion of the self-pity, and did I mention was pointless overall.  The plot didn't need it, it didn't help anything along, and it went nowhere.

If you'd taken out those chapters, you'd have lost nothing and I'd have liked it a whole heck of a lot more.

MeiMei did like it, though, so if the cons don't bother you much (or if your child can read it alone and therefore you won't be subjected to any of it, lol) then this may be a good pick for the younger elementary school crowd.

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