Friday, March 4, 2016

Middle Grade Spotlights

(Books received for review)

Okay, so these are ones I haven't read.  Because sometimes what shows up on my doorstep is just not my style.  And that's okay, because everyone likes different things.

Since these weren't Boo's cup of tea either, they went to the school so that someone who would love them could find them. :)

Confidentially Yours (series)
Book 1: Brooke's Not-So-Perfect Plan
Book 2: Vanessa's Fashion Face-Off
by Jo Whittemore

This series is about four friends writing an advice column for their middle school newspaper.  It's described as "perfect for fans of The Baby-Sitters Club".  While the premise is amusing, I wasn't into Baby-Sitters Club even when I was the right age for it, so probably not for me.

But since we're celebrating the idea of Reading Across America this week, I wanted to highlight them for those with girls that would be interested. 

The Magnificent Mya Tibbs: Spirit Week Showdown
by Crystal Allen

This is apparently another series, and I THINK it's the first book, but I'm not sure.

A story about friendship, school, things going wrong, and dealing with bullies, I'm sure there are many elementary-aged girls who would be interested in this one.  Mya is 9, so I'm guessing 3/4 grade ish for the ideal audience.

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