Thursday, April 21, 2016

Book Round-Up: What Boo's Reading

Grayling's Song by Karen Cushman
received for review

I haven't gotten to read this yet, because hey, Boo stole it.  But she really liked it.  And it's Karen Cushman.  So it seems like a good bet to me. :)

The Keepers (series)
Book 1: The Box and the Dragonfly
Book 2: The Harp and the Ravenvine
by Ted Sanders
received for review

Oh the trauma (and drama) of finding a series so new you'll have to WAIT for however long for the next book.  It's very sad.  Boo really enjoyed these (fairly thick) fantasy novels.

Red Butterfly by A L Sonnichsen

A novel in verse about adoption, love, being different, and other deep emotional kinds of things. ;)
Boo liked it, partly purely because it was in verse, though she did say it was sad.

Here, There Be Dragons by James A Owen

Dragons.  Enough said, lol.  Boo is obsessed with dragons, so this series was a no-brainer.

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