Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Book Round-Up: World Record Edition part 2

Teddy Mars (series)
By Molly B Burnham

Book 1: Almost a World Record Breaker
received for review (though truth be told, we already had it checked out from the library when it came in the mail, lol)

I give this one 4 stars, Mister gave it more.  It is admittedly hilarious (the first couple of pages had me laughing aloud) but the parents (or more accurately their parenting style) made me bonkers.  It's not cute when a kid destroys someone else's stuff.  Just no.  (If the little brother had been 2 and not turning 5 that might have been one thing, but no.)

Ultimately I liked where it went and it was fun.  Mister loved it.  Boo enjoyed it too.  Good bet for the elementary school crowd.

Book 2: Almost a Winner
received for review

Again, Mister loved it, though he didn't think the description was very accurate and that annoyed him.  Again he said it was very funny.

He is now anxiously awaiting.....

Book 3: Almost an Outlaw

which isn't even in GoodReads yet.... so I'm thinking he'll be waiting a while.

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