Thursday, May 5, 2016

Busy People

(books received for review)

Busy People: Police Officer
Busy People: Astronaut

This seems like a great series.  The cute but fairly simple text packs in a lot of information.  I liked the illustrations.  They say recommended for ages 2-5, but MeiMei just turned 6 and they still seemed like a good fit.

I really liked that the Police Officer one involves a child going to the officers for help.  I thought that was a great way to show kids that they are there to help you and not scary.

I don't think they're the funnest books for reading at home, though, unless it's an occupation the child is really IN to.  I think they're actually excellent for a kindergarten or first grade teacher doing a unit on careers.

What Do Grown-ups Do All Day?
by Virginie Margand

This one is a much more broad career book.  It goes through various locations and talks about what the different grown-ups there are doing.  The premise is kind of a class field trip idea.

This showed up at our house right when MeiMei had just finished a week of career-related stuff at school, so the timing was perfect.  She loved it.

I love the format and layout.  The illustrations and text are great.  I like the bigger size and bold colors.

All in all, as a teacher or home school parent these would be amazing resources.  For just regular at-home reading, I think What Do Grown-ups...? is a better option, but if you have a child who is obsessed with a specific job then the Busy People series would be a great place to look.

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