Saturday, May 28, 2016

What This Story Needs Now Is....

(Copies received for review)

So, a while ago I reviewed What This Story Needs Is a Pig in a Wig.  We've since read the next two books in the series-- What This Story Needs Is a Hush and a Shush and What This Story Needs Is a Munch and a Crunch.

Both follow a similar template as the first, with simple but entertaining text and fun pictures.  MeiMei is at the point where she can read them herself and enjoys that aspect.

Hush and a Shush is probably the one I fine more amusing as an adult, and has the bonus of being full of animal sounds.

Munch and a Crunch is about a picnic ruined by weather, which is possibly something more kids can relate to.

Either way-- two more great options for the pre-k into k or 1st grade crowd.  Great phonics/rhyming words while still being a really fun story.

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