Monday, May 30, 2016

Picture Book Round-Up Again

I'm starting to feel like this is all I post lately, lol.

(Copies received for review)

Mighty Truck by Chris Barton

A truck gets clean and BOOM-- he becomes MIGHTY TRUCK!  Totally cute combination of vehicles and super hero books.  Great pick for the obsessed-with-all-things-vehicular preschool crowd.  (Come on, I can't be the only person who knows at least one!)

Honey, I Love by Eloise Greenfield

I guess this is a paperback book version of an older poem? I wasn't familiar with it.  Cute, but not really my style.

In the Land of Words by Eloise Greenfield

A poetry book about words and poetry? Count me in.  I enjoyed this one.

My Chinatown by Kam Mak

The concept here was cool-- going through a full year in poems that show the young narrator's changing feelings about moving to America.

This Is the Earth by Diane Z. Shore
illustrated by Wendell Minor

I LOVED the illustrations, but the text was a little too "preachy" for me personally.

The Dead Bird by Margaret Wise Brown

Meh.  Other than totally gross me out (they're touching the dead bird... EW), this one just did nothing for me.

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