Saturday, November 26, 2016

Beehives Part 2

Today we have the Picture Book category.

[insert cheering here]

The Bear Ate Your Sandwich by Julia Sarcone-Roach (SO FUNNY.  Seriously, you've got to read this one.  Or check out the read-along at Brightly Storytime)

Blizzard by John Rocco (This looks interesting.)

The Book with No Pictures by BJ Novak (If you haven't read this one yet GO DO IT RIGHT NOW.  Hilarious.  My dad bought it and reads it to my kids-- the LOVE it.)

Duck's Vacation by Gilad Soffer (This looks so funny.)

Duncan the Story Dragon by Amanda Driscoll (I have heard FABULOUS things about this one.... just haven't had a chance to look at it myself yet.)

Goodnight Already! by Jory John (I think possibly I love this one even more than my kids do.  It cracks me up.)

I Don't Want to Be a Frog by Dev Petty (Looks cute)

It's Only Stanley by Jon Agee (I honestly know nothing about this one, lol)

Ninja! by Arree Chang (This sounds funny)

Pool by Jihyeon Lee (Haven't looked closely at this one, but it looks like a good choice for shy littles.)

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