Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas Gift Guide Picture Books Part 1

Because really, there's no way I can cover all the picture books in one post.  That would be crazy.

(Some of these we've received for review)

If You Give a Mouse a Brownie by Laura Numeroff
Yes, that's right.  There's a new one.  Really, you just can't go wrong with any of these.  Are some cuter than others? Sure, but they're all pretty darn fun.

This Is a Serious Book by Jodie Parachini
Hilarious.  This one kind of reminds me of The Book with No Pictures.  It's just so goofy!

I Am A Story by Dan Yaccarino
I know, I've talked about this one before, but I really do love it.

Hello, My Name is Octicorn by Kevin Diller and Justin Lowe
I'm not sure "bizarre" is a strong enough word for this one.  It's totally nuts, but it's funny.

Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes by James and Kimberly Dean
I think I've confessed before that I don't actually love Pete the Cat.  However, I know I'm in the minority.  This is the latest.

(Side note: the confusion in my house lately regarding Pete the Cat, Cat the Cat, and Splat the Cat [all series] is pretty darn funny.)

Mervin the Sloth Is About to Do the Best Thing in the World by Colleen AF Venable
I thought this one was really cute.

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