Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Paradigms Lost by Ryk E Spoor

4 stars
R- 1-2

Not what I expected, though as my husband put it, "there wasn't really a way to expect that".

He was the one who discovered Ryk Spoor and has insisted I read a couple.

This one wasn't as much my thing, I enjoyed Phoenix Rising more overall, but the characters were engaging and entertaining and the concept enjoyable.

Paradigms is very episodic-- almost more of a collection of short stories than a novel.  The stories are connected though and the same characters run throughout.

I do wish that Spoor had erred a bit more on the side of rewriting rather than keeping true to the original.  This is technically a rewrite and expansion of his first work Digital Knight, and the resulting writing can be a bit choppy.  As a writer, I can fully appreciate hesitating to redo older work, but as a reader it would have benefited.

Overall, an interesting read.  If you're looking for a paranormal/urban fantasy with an interesting and fresh approach, check this one out.


  1. Thanks very much for the kind words!

    Part of my reluctance for editing the old stuff was that I didn't want to damage whatever made it work in the first place. I *did* do a fair amount of editing (if anyone bothers to compare the original DK with Paradigms they'll see it) but you're correct that I was indeed cautious about doing so. :)

    1. Oh I completely understand. This is an area where the reader side of me and the writer side of me get into fights. :)
      I need to reread Phoenix Rising to figure out who made an appearance in Paradigms.....