Monday, February 13, 2017

Quantum Lace by Leigh (Bella) St John

3 stars (but I reserve the right to change that depending on future installments)


Where to start?

First of all, major class points to the author-- my review copy was not only inscribed and signed, it came tied up in red ribbon with a personal note on monogrammed stationary sealed with red wax.

I mean, seriously-- how cool is that??

As to the book itself.... I really wish she'd chosen to publish a more full/complete volume.  This is basically a novella with the kind of cliffhanger ending that makes readers want to kill the author... except that then we wouldn't get any resolution.

This first installment is.... confusing, lol.  There's not quite enough there for you to really know what's going on.  Big on questions but super slim on answers.

Actually I'm not sure there were any answers at all.

Anyway.  Reviewing this feels like reading just the first few chapters of a book and then being asked to review that-- you don't know how you really feel about it because most of the story hasn't happened yet.

I'm intrigued, I'll tell you that.

And ready for book 2.

Now, please.

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