Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Holy Cow, I Sure Do Love You! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

A Little Book That's Oddly Moo-ving
illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld
5 stars

"Udder"ly adorable!

And so bittersweet.  Because you see, just hours before picking this gem up from the library I learned that Amy Krouse Rosenthal lost her battle with cancer.

I'm actually sitting here trying not to cry as I type this, because we're talking about one of THOSE authors.

You know, the ones that are there with you from the beginning.

We read Little Pea when Boo was just, well, little.  (And Little Hoot.  And Little Oink.)

Through the years we've read about utensils (Spoon, Chopsticks)

We've reread Little Pea (of course).

We've read about Little Miss.  (We have Plant a Kiss in board book form and at least one of my littles has it memorized.)

We've enjoyed Wumbers and Wordles and Little Equations.

And as I look at GoodReads I see that somehow we missed a few... which is also bittersweet because it means we still have things to discover, but there will be nothing truly NEW.

So I sit here.... devastated.

Which feels like a ridiculous word, but also feels like the right word.

We already lost Anna Dewdney a few months ago, which felt like a sucker punch.

Now this.


It feels right, though, to memorialize Amy Krouse Rosenthal with this little book of love.

Almost more of a gift book than a picture book (don't get me wrong, the pictures are fabulous... talking size/shape/tone) this little volume is going on my list of books to give....



Go read it.

Ms. Rosenthal, our family will certainly miss you.

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