Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Organize Your Genealogy by Drew Smith

Strategies and Solutions for Every Researcher



I really don't know how to rate this one... because as much as the subtitle says "for every researcher".... I didn't actually find it to be that helpful.

I jotted down a few notes of things I could change or try, but all of that came from the same chapter, with most of the other 8 or 9 feeling like information that did nothing for me.

I could see how it was good information that could be useful for someone, it just wasn't helping me at all.

The subtitle possibly could have been "A Love Note to Evernote". lol

(It's a good thing I don't drink.... because I'd have been tempted to turn it into a drinking game.... and if I'd done a shot every time he suggested Evernote I'd have alcohol poisoning for sure.)

Honestly, I spent most of the book wishing it was a series of web-based classes or something, because that would have been far more helpful than grayscale screenshots to explain various software functions.

Also, several parts were so generic it felt like wasted space in a book meant to be about organizing genealogy.  I don't think it's overreaching in 2016 (publication year) to assume that your audience already knows basic email functions and such.  We could have done without the lengthy (it felt lengthy anyway) explanation of how to use Gmail.  (This was made more tedious by the fact that I don't use Gmail, and as much as he kept saying things should translate to other email programs there are enough differences that I'd be too annoyed to try to translate.)

Overall, if you're looking for help with organizing, keep in mind that a good chunk of this is generic common sense and try to flip through it before buying to make sure you care enough about the specific softwares described.  Otherwise, check it out from the library maybe.

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