Thursday, March 2, 2017

Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum

1.5 stars
R- 4
Language, Violence


I want to start by saying I really like David McCallum.  A lot.  I like him in The Great Escape and I utterly adore him as Ducky.

(Though I can't be alone in feeling cheated that the "young Ducky" of some episodes simply isn't as good looking as the young David McCallum of The Great Escape, right?  So sad.)



That said.... no.  Just no.

I'm kind of shocked I even finished this one, but I kept thinking (hoping) that it would get better.  That it would go somewhere interesting and unexpected and decidedly not where it seemed like it was going.

But no.

I will be the first to admit that it could be a genre thing-- this was gritty in a way I don't prefer.... there were elements of Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, which I did NOT care for at all.

So that could be the issue.

But there was also an element of... this just doesn't work.  Why would that character do that?

No one knows.

Overall, if you liked Girl with a Dragon Tattoo then this might work for you.

It just really didn't for me.

I'm going to go back to just watching him and pretend this never happened.

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