Wednesday, April 26, 2017

2016 in Books

I know, I know.... It's practically May and I'm just getting to a "year in review" post.

What can I say..... [except "you're welcome"]

Sorry about that.  Moana has taken over my house.  Big time.


In 2016--

I read 113 books.

Which added up to 26,747 pages.

My shortest book was Two For Joy, at just 96 pages.

My longest book was Last Chance Llama Ranch at 496 pages.

Super Lexi was my book read with the highest GoodReads rating (4.98 stars).

Imagine That was my least popular as far as GoodReads readers go-- only 8 other people read it in 2016.

Girl at War, on the other hand, was read by over 76,000 other people.

I read 20 Reader's Choice books. (I think.... lol)

Have y'all ever looked at your Year in Books on GoodReads?  That's where I got the fun facts.  It's pretty cool.

This year I've read 40 books so far.... I think 12 Reader's Choice.

It's shaping up to be a good reading year.

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