Friday, June 2, 2017

Did You Know?: Over One Hundred Facts about Haiti and Her Children by Marjorie Charlot

3 stars
received for review

I snagged this one for review because my brother is Haitian.

Seemed like a cool idea-- 100+ facts about Haiti.

And it was interesting.

Unfortunately it also suffered from being poorly edited, poorly organized, and lacking in balance (some sections had what felt like too much information while others had nowhere near enough).

Mostly I would say this is a collection of mini biographies.

And I do mean MINI.  Like a paragraph.

Ultimately, if you have an interest in or connection to Haiti, maybe give it a try, but it would probably be a far better read if you picked it up and enjoyed a fact or two here and there, rather than reading it straight through in one sitting the way I did.

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