Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Series Updates

In case you aren't aware:

There is a third Teddy Mars book-- Almost as Outlaw.
(By Molly B Burnham, fun books)

There is a second Stick Cat book-- Cats in the City
(By Tom Watson, kind of Diary of the Wimpy Kid/doodle style)

There are, I believe, now three Ivy Pocket books.  I am reading the first one right now (when I typed this... which is a couple weeks before posting... whatever) and it is BIZARRE.  In good ways, you understand.  Full review coming at some point, lol.

There is a sequel out to Riddle in Ruby-- The Changer's Key.  Also book three The Great Unravel is out this year...  I hope to get to these eventually.

There is a sequel to Fog Diver-- Lost Compass.

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