Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Notebook Doodles

Coloring and Activity books by Jess Volinski
received for review

These are best-sellers and I can see why!  I love the designs and I really like that they have info at the beginning about color theory and examples to show.  I also like that the non-picture page has a cool quote and lines for notes.  I love the layout concepts.

Super Cute
Oh my word, that's the way to describe it!  Boo tried to steal it from me, but it's MINE I tell you.  MINE.  Owls, turtles, flowers, birds.... so so so cute.

Henna Style
This one is maybe more pretty than cute, but just as awesome.  Lots of flower and paisley type designs.  Maybe a little more intricate than Super Cute, but similar.

Colorful Creations Positively Inspiring: Today is a Happy Day
All the QUOTES!  Love it.  Cool colorable uplifting quotes on every page (in addition to the cool quotes on the backs of all the pages).

Colorful Creations: Butterfly Mandalas
Gorgeous butterfly-themed mandalas.  Sometimes you have to really look for the butterflies, but they're there!

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