Saturday, July 1, 2017

An Historic Women Round-Up

Happy July!

With the Fourth upcoming, it seemed appropriate to share these titles with you. :)

(Received for review and technically not yet read in depth by me)

Ladies of Liberty by Cokie Roberts
This picture is a follow-up to Founding Mothers and introduces kids to women explorers, educators, writers, activists, etc who shaped our nation's history.  And it is indeed based on the author's best-selling adult book of the same name.

A Kids' Guide to America's First Ladies by Kathleen Krull
If you've got older kids, here's an awesome choice.  It's filled with anecdotes and timelines and gives info on all of our first ladies (up to Michelle Obama, I believe.)  I'm making my older kids read it this month, because I'm a nice mom and assign things like that over the summer.

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