Monday, July 3, 2017

Wide-Awake for Six Books Now

The Wide-Awake Princess series, by ED Baker

Once upon a time I reviewed a delightful book called The Wide-Awake Princess.

And then, apparently, I forgot to review ANY OF THE REST OF THE SERIES.

Which I'm going to blame on the fact that for pretty much all of them I had at least 1 child who was 2 or younger.

Technically I still do, but I'm coming nicely out of my blogging slump as she approaches her third birthday and for the first time EVER when I've had a child approaching their third birthday I have neither a younger child nor a pregnancy to contend with.


I guess I'll review those now... ahem.  Assuming I can remember reading them.

Unlocking the Spell (Wide-Awake Princess #2)

4 stars
Not as good as the first, but still a solid showing.  And really you have to read it to find out what happened with various threads left loose in book 1.

The Bravest Princess (Wide-Awake Princess #3)

4 stars
Again with not as good as the first, but not bad.  Annie and Liam head off to help Snow White.  (You know, like you do.)

Princess in Disguise (Wide-Awake Princess #4)

4 stars again.... but....
Things are waning.  Still fun, but there's starting to be a level of "meh".

Princess Between Worlds (Wide-Awake Princess #5)

Apparently I only gave this one 3 stars.  
If you haven't read the Frog Princess books (all of them) you may want to do so before embarking on book 5.  The series (serieses?) come together in a fun way, but several reviewers kind of call this a filler book and while it's fun, I'm not sure they're wrong.

The Princess and the Pearl (Wide-Awake Princess #6)

3.5 stars
And finally the one I just read.  I actually think these last 2 are more fun in terms of story, but the writing is suffering for sure.  Not sure if it's a "it's this far into the series so we aren't going to bother editing anymore" or "must push out more in this series but don't have time/energy/whatever to do it properly" but yeah.... it's getting a little rough.  Younger fans aren't going to notice though.  (You should be aware that various characters are married by this point and one is pregnant.)  Also, if you ignored my note about reading the Frog Princess books 1) shame on you and 2) fix that now, because you really want to read those before this book.

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