Saturday, September 30, 2017

More Review Books

by Suzanne Kaufman
Oh my goodness.  All the toys go in time out and finally the dinos have to learn to play and work together.  Not my favorite, but cute. :)

Paddington Goes to Town
by Michael Bond
Ah the bittersweet arrival of another Paddington book.  It's a repackage but how can you not love Paddington (and it matches the others, which I'm a little OCD about).  But... receiving it so close to the sad news that Michael Bond had passed away..... it's not been a good year for beloved authors.

(I swear to you, if anything happens to Mo Willems I will have to hurt something.)

Even Fairies Fart
by Jennifer Stinson
Meh.  I get what they're going for-- no one's perfect-- but there are better ways to get there.  Ugh.

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