Saturday, September 16, 2017

Picture Books Everywhere

Like seriously.  EVERYWHERE.

Newish ones we've received for review are as follows.

Good Night, Baby Animals, You've Had a Busy Day
by Karen B Winnick
A picture book of short stories featuring tigers, elephants, pandas, etc.
Personally the text didn't do anything for me, but MeiMei enjoyed it (though it's baby animals, so it would have to be REALLY bad for MeiMei to not like it, lol) and really since she's more the target audience we'll go with it.

The Big Adventures of Tiny House 
by Susan Schaefer Bernardo
A cute story of a tiny house on wheels who travels the country and meets other interesting vehicular housing units.  Good choice for preschoolish kids who like vehicles or are weirdly in to tiny houses.

Sonya Sahni and the First Grade It's International Day!
by Soma Mandal
Sigh.  Formatting issues.... editing/typo issues.... and a truly poor choice in rhyming scheme/style.  It drove both my husband and me crazy.
BUT MeiMei liked it.  And since she's the target demographic (ish... she's in 2nd grade), she's maybe the better judge.
(Older elementary kids are probably not going to embrace it as well.... Mister was not a fan... on any level.)
It is a good message, and I could see it being a good resource in a classroom.  Maybe to springboard an international day activity.

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