Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Ah, it has been a loooooooong day!

I promised my favorite reader's choice book today, right? Right. So here it is--

Magic Lost, Trouble Found by Lisa Shearin
5 stars!!!
R- 3

Oh how I loved this book! There's a sequel too-- Armed and Magical. (Which, I confess, I read twice in one weekend!) The style is just hysterical. LOVE the first person voice. Here's a sample--
"You stood me up."
I yelped. I recognized the voice, which was the only reason my throwing knife remained in my hand, instead of being lodged in the voice's owner.
I blew out my breath. "Don't do that!" I sheathed my knife, though I was still tempted to use it, though more from acute embarrassment than anything else.
Phaelan chuckled and stepped out of the shadows hiding the alley entrance from the street. My cousin looked like the rest of my family—dark hair, dark eyes, dark good looks, equally dark disposition. Next to them, I stood out like a flaming match at night with my long red gold hair, grey eyes, and pale skin. The hair and skin tone were from my mother. I assumed my eyes were from my father. Neither parent was around for me to ask.
Phaelan was the main reason having the name Benares was an asset in the seeking business. When looking for pilfered goods, it helped to be related to experts—professional pilferers all.
You could say our family was well known in the import and export business. The goods my cousin's side of the family imported never saw the light of day in a harbormaster's ledger, and the exports consisted of vast profits sent to secret family accounts in various banks in numerous kingdoms. Phaelan's natural talent was in acquisitions. Many times he neglected to get permission from the owners whose goods he intended to acquire; or when he did ask, his request often came from the business end of a cannon.

Yeah, I know, it's a long excerpt, but it's fun, no? I'm going to let the books speak for themselves!! You can learn more at
The third one comes out in April or so!!
Anybody else read this? Leave me a note!

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