Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The title that makes no sense

Really I mean this book, not this blog post. Honest.

The Lumiere Affair- A Novel of Cannes by Sara Voorhees

3.5 stars

R- 3? I don't remember

Natalie Conway, film critic, is off to Cannes for the film festival. Which she has always managed to avoid in the past. Because she was born in France, but to return she must confront what really happened all those years ago when her mother mysteriously died. Not a bad book, though the title doesn't make a ton of sense. Yes, she's at Cannes, but the book doesn't have much to do with Cannes, she just happens to be there. Finding out what really happened when she was a child is a crazy journey of ups and downs... With bad guys who might not be bad after all and good guys who might be bad... And all of her childhood beliefs may be turned upside down.

Stay tuned-- coming tomorrow, my FAVORITE Reader's Choice book!!

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