Monday, December 1, 2008

Two Books I've Not Read

An odd thing to review, right? Yeah, I know. But I've got to get back to the Reader's Choice books.

Lone Creek by Neil McMahon

"While working construction on the Pettyjohn Fanch in Montana, Hugh Davoren finds two dead horses. He also finds out that everyone has secrets."
I may or may not read this one. Haven't decided yet. If you've read it, leave me a comment and tell me what you thought!

Lottery by Patricia Wood

"Perry L. Crandall may have an IQ of just 76, but he is a genius in other ways. Winning 12 million in the Washington State Lottery has changed his life, and it's not all for the good. His money-mad family is trying to pry it away from him, but he uses the folk wisdom his late Gran taught him to handle his new wealth and life in surprising ways."
I was thinking this one sounded kinda fun. Not the sort of thing I would normally pick up, but worth a try, right? Haven't gotten to in yet, but that's life.


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