Friday, January 2, 2009

A Look Back...

Goodbye 2008. Which is such a very weird thing to say... hmm.

So... I posted monthly totals a little while ago. Add to those my NINE books for December, and we have 107.
Of those: 8 were for my book group (Only 8? Seriously? Let's see, we skipped March, and I guess July's book ran into August.... and I didn't read it anyway. Shocking, I know, but Shakespeare and moving soooooo don't go together! And of course, we skipped December, on the grounds that it's a crazy enough month on its own.)
36 were Reader's Choice. (Plus rereading a couple of Reader's Choice.)

And what was my favorite, you ask. I honestly don't know.
Some books are just apples and oranges and you really couldn't say one was better than the other... and frankly, I'm just indecisive.
But I can say that the authors I've read a lot of this year are (in no particular order):
Tasha Alexander
Natalie Roberts
Lisa Lutz
Maria V. Snyder
Lisa Shearin
Jack Du Brul
G. G. Vandagriff
Deanna Raybourn
Michael Buckley
Sara Rosett
Barbara Cleverly
Jasper Fforde
Laura Childs
Sara Addison Allen
Emilie Richards
Diane Mott Davidson

Quite the list, really.

And in the spirit of the new year--
I want to read at least 100 books again this year.
I want to finish the Reader's Choice lists-- both of them.
I want to read more of what I own.... especially things that I'm not positive I need to own.
I want to read more to my kids. I don't actually like reading aloud as much as I should.

*A note about my kids. I do not want to put my children's information on this blog. However, it is sometimes difficult to blog without mentioning them.
So, for the purposes of this blog-- "Boo" is a preschooler. She loves books and is the one heavily into the Sneaky Pony series. "Mister" is a toddler. He too loves books, though sometimes his idea of devouring a book is a little to... well, literal.
I mean, I devour books too, but I try not to leave tooth marks.

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