Thursday, February 26, 2009

Questions for You, The Reader

Yes, that's right, you.

I would like to add some sort of weekly feature or something.... or two.

For example, my friends over at Bookscoops do "nonfiction Mondays". That kind of thing.

Now, I don't want every day scheduled, but I thought it would be nice to have a couple of things I do every week.

So, I'd love to know what you would like to see.

Some ideas I've thought of-- picture books, book-based movies, random quotes from whatever I'm currently reading....

As you can see, I need lots of help!

Leave me a comment. Let me know what you'd like to see as a weekly feature. Let me know what day(s) I should put it (them) on. If you think it's a rotten idea altogether, let me know that too!


  1. Well, since you asked, maybe like an awesome paragraph or quote from something you've read that you liked or shows off the author's talent/style. I'm always looking for princess stories that don't suck that I can read to baby girl as she grows. How about a readers recommendation day: we try to convince you to to read our book and the winner gets ... bragging rights, if nothing else :).

  2. There are a number of things you could do and actually a lot of people participate in a weekly thing, like we do non-fiction monday which is hosted by a different blog each week.

    I've seen others, but generally get overwelmed so I stick with nonfiction mondays. There is Sunday Salon, Teasers Tuesdays, Poetry Fridays, etc or something like that and others. Or come up with your own. I like the idea that we try and convince you to read a certain book.