Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lemon Tart by Josi S. Kilpack

4 stars
Copy provided by publisher/author for review

So last month I reviewed Josi Kilpack's Devil's Food Cake.  It's the third in the series.  Now I'm doing Lemon Tart... the first in the series.  Totally backwards, I know.

(And I still haven't read the second book...)


This is our introduction to Sadie Hoffmiller.  She's more of a neighborhood busybody in this one, but it works for her. :)  Especially since her neighbors are family.

But when the young woman down the street is found dead, Sadie's world starts to turn inside out.  As her boyfriend suddenly seems like a stranger and her brother may or may not be involved, she becomes more and more determined to discover the truth of what's going on.

I think this one worked a little better than the third, but both are good stories.  Great cozy/fluffy mysteries-- easy on my sleep-deprived brain. ;)  Plus they have some yummmmmmmmmy sounding recipes in them.

I'd definitely start at the beginning rather than working my way backward, though.

This is a Virtual Book Tour review and counts for the Support Your Local Authors challenge!

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