Monday, July 5, 2010

Dead Head by Rosemary Harris

5 stars
Comes after Pushing Up Daisies and The Big Dirt Nap

I actually liked this one a bit better than the first two.  I liked the first two a lot, but, I don't know, this one was twistier and deeper.... something.

Anyway, Paula Holliday is back, and out to find whoever got her friend arrested.

Which is good in a way, 'cause it's fall and the whole gardening thing is just really dying off.  Business-wise, I mean.

Very twisty... I didn't quite have this one figured out.

And I loved the random 1st person insertions from the other character.  They were weird, but good.  :)

I also actually really liked where the semi-flirtatious bantering with the cop ended up in this one.

Anyway, just go read it.  But read the other two first.  It all just makes more sense that way. :)

Counts for the Support Your Local Library challenge!

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