Thursday, September 9, 2010

City of Veils by Zoe Ferraris

4 stars
R- 1
Sequel to Finding Nouf

I found this one a little more scattered than the first book, but I still really enjoyed it.

We have more characters, more perspectives, and it takes half the book before you figure out why some of them matter, but it's a good story.

I really like Katya.  I'm looking forward to more of her in later books.  Of course, Nayir is great too, with all his conflicts between devoutness and practicality.

In addition to being a fun mystery, this is an interesting look at Islam.  You have devout characters, less than devout characters, and even a few Americans, who bring a completely different perspective.

All in all, another good story from Ferraris.  I'm looking forward to more!

Counts for the Support Your Local Library challenge (even if my local branch is closed for a few weeks).


  1. I've been meaning to read Finding Nouf for a while now, but still haven't made the time. I had no idea there is a sequel.

  2. I came across it on another blog, or I wouldn't have realized there was a sequel either!