Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Num8ers by Rachel Ward

4 stars
R- 2

Grittier than I expected for a YF.  I'd call it YA.

Overall, not really what I expected, but I found myself totally sucked it.  I'm intrigued by the whole idea.

And apparently there's a sequel, so now I have to read that. :)

The whole concept is kinda creepy-- seeing a person's death date when you look into their eyes... *shudder*

Talk about TMI.

Anyway, recommended.  Jem is a fascinating character... even if she does drive you nutty sometimes.

(This was my book club pick for June.)


  1. Despite having this checked out for ages from the library, I still haven't read it. Need to soon.

  2. I have several of those... lol.