Thursday, June 23, 2011

Saturday with J- Mommies by Kate Spohn

(Yes, I realize it's not Saturday.  Blogger hates me.)

5 huge stars with smiley faces!!
Board Book

This is probably J's favorite book.  And I can see why, it's adorable!

Each page has a Mommy and then you open the flap and there's a baby.

For example: Shower Shower Mommy (watering the garden), Flower Power Baby!

And our favorite: Giggle Giggle Mommy, Wiggle Wiggle Baby!!

(You should see J wiggle on that page, hilarious.  I might have to make a video.)

Anyway, super cute.  Would make an awesome baby shower gift or birthday/Christmas/whatever gift for a baby/toddler.  (Actually, I think all three of my kids love it, so maybe even older ones, lol.)

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