Friday, June 17, 2011

Mrs. Pollifax, Unveiled by Dorothy Gilman

5 stars

And so, sadly, we have come to the end of the Mrs. Pollifax books.

Which leaves me strongly tempted to start over from the beginning!!

Through the last few crazy months, these have been my comfort reads. 

For the record, in the last few months we have: been told we had to move; house-hunted; bought a house; had a death in the family; family in town for the funeral; a wedding; a vacation that included driving with our three children for 12 hours each way; oh, I forgot MOVING; Boo's Kindergarten "graduation", dance festival and registering at a new school; J considering learning to walk... and teething...

I'm exhausted just typing all of that!  (And yes, all but the first 2 of those has been in the past month.)

Anyway, clearly I haven't gotten a whole lot of reading done, but Mrs. Pollifax has been there for me.  (And Farrell-- I love Farrell!)

This one was just as fun as the others, though it was interesting because Dorothy Gilman used more current world events, so it was all Middle East all the time, even referencing the Gulf War.  (Which, yeah, if there were real time happening Mrs. Pollifax would be like 95 or something, but whatever.)

Basically, if you haven't read them yet DO.

Next week I'll have pics for you.... I LOVE how the kids' bookcases have worked out in this new house!!!  Just finished it up yesterday!  :)

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