Friday, October 7, 2011

Ding Dong the Diva's Dead by Cat Melodia

3.5 stars
R- 3
Copy received for review through Tribute books

Cozy mystery full of opera singers.  :)

And yes, Cat Melodia is a pen name.

Debbie has finally landed a decent role, but with all of the craziness will she be able to keep it?  Who is this crazy "terrorist" group that seems to be targeting the opera??  Who targets an opera?! 

Several Mormon jokes... some of which were funny, some were not.  I guess it would have been worse if it had been set in Utah.

Liked the heroine and several of the supporting characters.  (You know, the ones you're supposed to like.)

Overall, a little too cliche for me and there were a few loose ends, but it was fun.

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  1. Britt, thanks for bringing the humor of the book into your review and for hosting a stop on Cat's blog tour.