Thursday, February 28, 2013

A New Birth of Freedom: The Translator by Robert G. Pielke

Copy received for review
Sequel to A New Birth of Freedom: The Visitor (See my review)

Confession:  I haven't finished the book yet.

I blame her:

At least my excuse is cute though, right?

This book is absolutely just as bizarre as the first... and at least as fascinating.

YOU MUST READ THE FIRST BOOK FIRST.  Absolutely must.  I'm struggling a little because it's been two years since I read it... and I didn't take the time to find my copy and reread it.  Possibly a mistake, but I'm far enough now not to want to go back.

I am absolutely enjoying it.  Again, the writing could be a little tighter in places, and the editing could be better, but the premise is just too weird to not capture my attention fairly completely.

Update:  I finished it!  :)  See my full real review here.


  1. Excuses...Excuses....! Hahahaha....

    Let me know when you finish it!


    Bob Pielke

  2. Britt, your baby girl is gorgeous!

    Glad you've liked what you've read so far :)

  3. Thanks, we like her... most of the time. ;)
    I still haven't quite finished it *hanging head in shame* but I'm getting there. :)

  4. Nice post on Amazon! Thanks!!

    Bob Pielke