Thursday, May 23, 2013

Family Secrets: Shame and Privacy in Modern Britain by Deborah Cohen

(Copy received for review)

5 stars

Oh my gosh.  This may be the most fascinating and compelling work of nonfiction I have read.  Possibly ever.

Combining history and psychology, this work takes us through various areas where families have felt compelled to keep secrets and why.  And how it's all changed.

I almost didn't take this one when offered a review copy and I am sooooo glad I decided to read it.

I read it in just a couple of days, which is impressive since usually nonfiction is a much slower process for me than fiction.

I've read some reviews that pointed out the epilogue (about genealogy) and saying that it felt tacked on... like it didn't fit, but I disagree.  I think it was the perfect continuation.

Maybe it's just because we Mormons are a little obsessed with genealogy, but I thought it felt very natural to take the book there.

Overall- read it.  Period.  Now.

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