Saturday, June 27, 2015

Picture Book Round-Up: Adopt a Pet Style

No, we are not adopting a pet.  Nuh uh.  Not happening.

BUT if you, or someone in your life, is (or might, or will, or has... whatever) then here are some really very cute picture books for you (or them).

(All received for review)

Itty Bitty Kitty
by Joan Holub
3 stars

Okay, I'm starting with my least favorite.  Not sure it's also my kids' least favorite, but whatever.

Ava wants a pet, is told no, finds a kitten, brings it home, keeps it a secret.  (You can't probably guess why it's my least favorite, right?)

Other than the obvious "great, let's teach kids to bring wildlife into the house and lie about it" and the slightly more subtle "how the heck is there a cat in your house for TWO WEEKS without you noticing, crazy book parents??" it's a cute enough story I guess.  The kitty grows to be HUGE in two weeks, gets discovered, saves the baby, and is finally accepted as part of the family.

Two Girls Want a Puppy
by Ryan and Evie Cordell
5 stars

This is one of those "this is super cute but my kids don't need any ideas" books, lol.  The two sisters want a puppy so they devise a brilliant plan and convince their dad by being persistent, responsible, smart, and creative.  Honestly, other than the persistent one (read: ANNOYING, lol) it's a great plan and if we were actually ever going to get a dog I'd be quicker to agree if my kids went about it this way.  (Not happening.  Maybe my kids could apply the plan to a lizard.  I could handle getting a lizard.)

Anyway, super cute.  I totally recommend this one.
(I am SHOCKED at the low ratings on GoodReads.  Do these people not have kids? Not like kids' books? Did they read a different book than I did??)

Who Wants Broccoli?
by Val Jones
4 stars

This one is from the flip-side.  Broccoli is a dog trying to find a family.  The lady at the shelter says there's a pot for every lid and a lid for every pot, but how will Broccoli ever find his lid??
All ends happily, though, and it's a cute tail (haha, punny) of finding the family for you and the pet for your family.

We will probably end up donating all three, but I'm glad they came across our radar!  (Well, I'd have done fine without the kitty one, but whatever.  The other two were great.)

Am I the only one getting a head start on Christmas shopping?  Is there a pet-loving little one on your list that you would get these for?

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