Saturday, July 11, 2015

Picture Book Round-Up # 328

Okay, not really.  I just made that number up.

So one day the kids went outside to eat popsicles and came gallumphing back in moments later hollering about how there were two yellow packages, three boxes, and a big bag of clothes from Carter's.  Well, the Carter's bag was an order of various baby/kid clothes, but ALL FIVE other packages were books from Harper Collins.

Merry Christmas to us.

Here are a few:

Berenstain Bears: 5-Minute Berenstain Bears Stories
by Mike Berenstain

(Sidenote: has that really always been spelled with an "a" like that?  I've been spelling this wrong my entire life.)

This is a big collection-- 12 stories about going to the aquarium, getting a kitten, having a sleepover, and more.  These are newer stories, so it's Honey as well as Brother and Sister.

I also think they must be a bit shorter than the original books if you can read each one in 5 minutes or less.

Perfect for the Bear-loving child in your life. :)

Pete the Cat: The Wheels on the Bus
by James Dean

This is the board book version.  Happily, it does seem to have all of the pages/text that the original has.  (It makes me nuts when they shorten them for board books.)
Basically it's the song, except the words are a little different from what I've always sung plus there are a few verses specific to Pete the Cat, of course.

Pete the Cat's Train Trip
by James Dean

Pete is riding the train to visit Grandma.  He explores the train and makes new friends.

Am I the only one who really wants to like Pete the Cat but somehow kind of.... doesn't?  They're cute enough, but they just never quite do it for me.  Especially the I Can Read type books.

It's probably just me.

Rappy the Raptor
by Dan Gutman

Sigh.  Objectively, this one is cute and rhyming and fun.

Subjectively, I never want to read it again, lol.  The rapping rhymes are a bit too much for me and the story of how he fell on his head and went to the hospital and everything leave me (as a stuffy adult, I guess) trying to decide if there's supposed to be some message about people with disabilities in there somewhere or if he had brain damage from the fall or what exactly is going on.  I'm sure I'm reading too much into it.

Kids just think it's a funny book. :)

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