Thursday, June 15, 2017

10 Things For Teen Girls by Kate Conner

5 stars

So I was browsing at the library.... trying to waste enough time that all my kids would be in bed when I got home.

(Oh, like you've never wasted time for that reason.)


I spotted this one on the shelf and since Boo is at THAT AGE I picked it up and flipped through.

I wasn't sure about it at first.... but decided I liked enough of what I saw to read through it myself and then if I liked it I could pass it off to Boo and if I didn't it could just quietly head back to the library.


If I could give this more stars, I would. I LOVED this book. So much that anyone who's been around me for the past couple of days has heard all about it.  (Including the doctor.  Hey, she took a pic of the cover with her phone.)

So I gave this to Boo and told her to read it.... and told my husband that we need to buy it... and that our girls are going to read it at 12, 14, 16, etc.

Here's what parents should know-- this is a Christian/Bible-based book. It's not the same flavor of Christianity that I subscribe to, so the vocabulary (and translation of the Bible) is not what my kids are used to. It's all good, we'll talk about it.  (That's part of why I want to own it.  I want to add Book of Mormon references.)

There is some discussion of sex. Also prostitution, sex trafficking, cutting, and eating disorders.

I would recommend this to girls 12 and up, though depending on the girl it might be appropriate as early as 10.

I plan to acquire a copy and mark it up and make all my girls read it over and over.

Overall, I'd suggest parents read it, if only to be able to better talk to their teen about it.

(Note, the author also has a book called Enough that seems to be more or less the same stuff but geared to adults and what we should be telling teens.  I haven't looked at that one yet.  GoodReads currently thinks the two are the same book.)

(Also, the author's husband has 10 Things for Teen Guys but I haven't gotten hold of that one yet.  It seems to be harder to get.)

(The word "enough" really stops looking like a word if it's used a lot on a single page.)

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